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Delepine (attrib.) Ottoman Carriage Clock (c. 1870 France)

Delepine (attrib.) Ottoman Carriage Clock
Title Delepine (attrib.) Ottoman Carriage Clock
Country of Origin France
Dated c. 1870
Medium Brass and Wood
Signed/Inscribed/Dated Signed to the base 'GL'
Dimensions 22.00cm high (8.66 inches high)
Framed Width 29.00cm framed height (11.42 inches framed height)
Description / Expertise

This clock would almost certainly have been made for export to the Ottoman Empire (note crescent moon on top), but whereas the movement is undoubtedly French the case may well have been made in Turkey where the skill involved in making a case such as this, which is very demanding and highly skilled, would be readily available.

A clock requiring a similar level of skill, but with a very different subject matter, "Gullivers Travels" is shown in Fanelli and Terwilligers book 'A century of fine carriage clocks' pages 62 - 63 and we have had another similar carriage clock titled 'The Basilisk clock' through our hands, so titled because of the depiction of this mythological beast.

The clock is signed to the base GL (E.G. Lamaille) who were working in London and Paris. It is too complex to describe in detail; however it may be considered as a carriage clock with a cupola instead of a handle on top and an elaborate base. Around the cupola are featured various animals heads and to the base a man on horseback is seen on all four sides. Above the cupola is featured a crescent moon.

To the back and sides are shaped brass panels with a design engraved around them. Even the four spiral columns are decorated.

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