Rare 19th Century Barometer with clock by Carman (c. 1810 England)

Rare 19th Century Barometer with clock by Carman
Title Rare 19th Century Barometer with clock by Carman
Country of Origin England
Dated c. 1810
Medium Brass and mahogany
Signed/Inscribed/Dated 'Fecit Carman, London'
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 96.00cm high (37.80 inches high)
Description / Expertise

Barometer with clock by Carman – early 19th century.

A truly remarkable and very rare barometer of which only one, or possibly two other examples are known to exist. One is in the Gloucester Museum and reference to an identical one by Carman in Nicholas Goodison's book on barometers. (see page 308)

The barometer rests on a six tier mahogany plinth on top of which is a fluted Corinthian column; above this again is a beautifully executed brass capital on which the silvered dial of the barometer rests; this is some 8.5'' in diameter and is inscribed ' Stormy, Rain, Fair' etc.
To the bottom of the chapter ring is a large and beautiful capital above which is a silvered plaque inscribed - 'Fecit Carman, London'

A circular clock with watch movement and silvered dial and Roman numerals is mounted on two finely cast and gilded dolphins in the centre of the barometer dial. The watch is wound by means of a knurled knob at the base of it.

The mercury tube of the barometer is within the Corinthian column and can be accessed by undoing small screws located in a brass plate at the top of the column.

Overall height: 47" (96cm)

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