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Three train quarter chiming table clock (c. 1780 England)

Three train quarter chiming table clock
Title Three train quarter chiming table clock
Country of Origin England
Dated c. 1780
Classification WILLIAM DUTTON & SONS (c.1720-1794)
Medium Ebony and brass
Signed/Inscribed/Dated Signed on both the dial and backplate, Wm. Dutton, London.
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 37.00cm high (14.57 inches high)
Framed Width 42.00cm framed height (16.54 inches framed height)
Description / Expertise

This clock would have been made by Dutton towards the end of the 18th century. It has all the qualities which one would hope and expect to see on a clock by this well known maker which is signed on both the dial and backplate, Wm. Dutton, London.

The very substantial three train movement, which chimes the quarters on 8 bells, is held in place by four substantial brackets. A 'fold-down' pendulum clamp is provided and immediately beneath this is the bold signature of William Dutton, London. The plates measure 7" x 8.5".

At the top of the arch of the main dial is a subsidiary and slightly convex dial which is graduated 3,6,9,12,15 and is signed by the maker, which is for fast/slow regulation. The main 6.7" gently bowed convex enamel dial, with strike/silent lever above, has outer Arabic minute numerals and uses Roman for the hours.

The breakarch ebonised case is of the finest quality. There are three brass bound pads to the top with a substantial carrying handle above. The sides have particularly finely executed frets backed by red silk and surrounded by a decorative border. There is also a decorative mould on the inner aspects of the front and back doors and there are further moulds to either side of the front and back doors.

Height: handle up/handle down 16.5"/14.5" (42/37cm)

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