19th Century Windmill Novelty Clock (c. 1880 England)

19th Century Windmill Novelty Clock
Title 19th Century Windmill Novelty Clock
Country of Origin England
Dated c. 1880
Medium Brass
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 40.60cm high (15.98 inches high)
Framed Width 43.00cm framed height (16.93 inches framed height)

A virtually identical clock features in fig. 22-28 of Derek Roberts book
‘Mystery, Novelty, Fantasy Clocks.’

Description / Expertise

Windmill Clock. This clock with all the detail on the base and the delicate arms of the windmill, is expensive to restore and must have been very time consuming to make.

It rests on a circular black stone base, above which is a somewhat smaller gilded base. The next 3” above it are formed of large simulated blocks with windows. On one aspect of the base is a door which, when opened, reveals the winding square for the spring which drives the vanes of the windmill. Above this is a fretted out gallery and on top of this is a black column, again featuring blocks.

To the front are two dials, one for the clock and, above it, another showing the barometric pressure. There are also thermometers to either side, one showing centigrade and the other farenheit. Immediately beneath the roof of the tower is the arm from which the rotating blades of the arms of the windmill rotate. The top terminates with a weather vane.

H: Tower only; 16” (40.6cm)
H: Including vane; 18.5” (43cm)

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