Double ship's wheel Bollard novelty/mystery clock (c. 1880 France)

Double ship's wheel Bollard novelty/mystery clock
Title Double ship's wheel Bollard novelty/mystery clock
Country of Origin France
Dated c. 1880
Medium Brass
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 29.00cm high (11.42 inches high)
Description / Expertise

A particularly fine quality revolving 'double ships wheel' novelty/mystery clock, circa 1880.

This clock is one of the best made examples of this type of clock that we have encountered.
Basically it consists of a clock with a full size barometer mounted on the back of it which is supported by ships wheels to the front and back. The whole assembly is mounted on a bollard which rotates and is controlled by very substantial click-work on either side. Thus, in effect, you can rotate it if it is on your desk so as to see either the barometric pressure or the time.

The clock movement, of very fine quality, is signed RED, almost certainly Antoine Redier, a well known and ingenious maker. It is interesting and unusual for a French clock in having a chain fusee. Also of interest is the rare and finely executed two-plane lever escapement, an example of which is shown in Allix and Bonnerts book on carriage clocks, Plate V111/30. Of further interest is a travelling clock, also by RED which is featured in plate V111/29.

The clock rests on a rouge marble base which in turn sits on a brass plate. On top is a compass. As can be seen there is no winding hole in the dial and there is a barometer behind it, neither is it wound by rotating the whole assembly, but obviously it can be wound.

Height: 11.5" (29cm)

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