Carriage Clock with Rare Winding (c. 1870 France)

Carriage Clock with Rare Winding
Title Carriage Clock with Rare Winding
Country of Origin France
Dated c. 1870
Classification FRANCOIS ARSENE MARGAINE (1835-1915)
Medium Brass
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 13.20cm high (5.20 inches high)
Framed Width 17.80cm framed height (7.01 inches framed height)
Description / Expertise

A Corniche carriage clock with a rare form of underside winding, not seen previously, and reminiscent of that used by Leroy on a number of their clocks, but with some differences.
Although unsigned as such, this example was obviously made in the Arsené Margaine workshops and can be safely attributed to him as can be seen from the style of winding arrow, the type of regulation index engraving and the font used for the wording Aiguilles.
The eight-day duration movement strikes the hours and half-hours on a gong with a push button repeat of the last hour at will. The backplate is stamped with the serial number 13170.
The winding arbors have attached large toothed wheels which connect through the base to two butterfly wheels, which when turned wind both the going and striking trains alleviating the need to open the rear door, or use a key. The circular winders to the underside are stamped with the number 70, along with Patent No. 2886, DKEYS, and fold open to create a semi-circular handle to allow for winding. The white enamel dial has black Roman numerals and blued steel moon hands.
The Corniche case is of a style typical of Margaine, with relatively bold three-bale handle and slightly softer corners.

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