An engraved oval carriage clock (1878 Paris)

An engraved oval carriage clock
Title An engraved oval carriage clock
Country of Origin Paris
Dated 1878
Classification PIERRE & ALFRED DROCOURT (worked 1853-1908)
Signed/Inscribed/Dated Drocourt
Condition Fully restored and guaranteed
Dimensions 6.50inch high (16.51 cm high)
Description / Expertise

A finely engraved Oval carriage clock which has an eight-day duration movement striking and repeats the hours on a gong, with alarm; and has a silvered platform lever escapement.
The movement backplate is stamped with the serial number 11715 along with the wording ‘Fast/Slow’ either side of the regulator index for adjusting the rate of timekeeping, and the Drocourt trademark, an oval with the initials D.C. either side of a clock, with the inside stamped with the Drocourt trademark oval, the wording Drocourt, Paris, Ftn, (Fabricant or Maker), alongside the initials and serial number H.L. for the maker of the blanc roulant, Holingue frères.
The white enamel dial has black Roman hour numerals, Arabic outer five-minute numerals, dots to the outer aspect and blued steel moon hands, and has a finely engraved gilded masked surround.
With numbered travelling box.

Leigh Extence additional notes: In the context of the Drocourt history, this is a fairly important clock as it is stamped H.L., for Holingue frères, to the frontplate, but doesn’t have a Holingue blanc roulant serial number, and is the last recorded Drocourt with these initials. It has all the signs of the wheelwork etc being manufactured after the takeover of their workshops by Alfred Drocourt in 1874, having straight crossings to the wheelwork as opposed to the curved employed earlier. It must be assumed that some earlier movement plates, still with the H.L. initials stamped on, were being used by Drocourt. This gives further credence to my theory that H.L. was indeed Holingue frères as the ability to fit later wheelwork to earlier plates suggests all being made in the same workshop, especially as my research has proven that Drocourt did indeed take on the Holingue premises in 1875.

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