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A grande-sonnerie carriage clock (c. 1885 Paris)

A grande-sonnerie carriage clock
Title A grande-sonnerie carriage clock
Country of Origin Paris
Dated c. 1885
Classification PIERRE & ALFRED DROCOURT (worked 1853-1908)
Signed/Inscribed/Dated Drocourt
Condition Fully restored
Dimensions 9.00inch high (22.86 cm high)
Description / Expertise

By Drocourt of Paris, this exceptional French gilded gorge cased grande-sonnerie carriage clock is one of the most fascinating we have seen. It can be set to full grande-sonnerie; petite-sonnerie (quarter striking) or silent, with a lever set within the base to activate each. It is fully engraved all over and the dial is signed by the retailer below 12 o'clock, Linderoth, Stockholm. To the bottom of the dial are subsidiary dials for the days of the week, the days of the month and the alarm. The movement strikes and repeats on a gong and is numbered 19771. The sides and back door of the case are glazed. The top of the case is also glazed so as to display the lever escapement.
Interestingly, all the markings are in Swedish, an attribute not noted previously on a clock by this maker.

The fine engraved and gilded base on which the clock rests is supported by 'dragons' to the four corners. It is quite rare to find a carriage clock that started life with an original base as so often they have been lost.

Linderoths, which might be described as the 'Dent' of the capital of Sweden, were active between 1844 & 1963 with manufacturing and sales facilities at Drottninggatan. They were, at that time, considered to be the leading manufacturers of special tower or turret clocks worldwide.

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